Ive had a nice day crafting. Or sewing I probably should say.  Wanna see what I made?

Yes I know it looks like the dismembered leg of a pair of PJs. Its a plastic bag holder of course.  I needed to test the Sewing Machine and we needed a plastic bag holder. Amazing what you can do with a brand new teatowel isnt it?

Somehow it doesnt look as bad on the wall as that photo makes it look.

So was that it? Well, yes and no. Yes it was the only thing I made. No in that I also prepared to make a wallet/purse.  Im taking two patterns and modifying them to be what I want so Im mocking it up in paper first. What? Its what we do for marketing print jobs and also for development plans for buildings - make a pretend version of it.  I couldnt see why it wouldnt work for a sewing pattern too! And it has. And I would have gotten further with the actual making but I had forgotten to pre wash the fabric and I dont have a zip. 

So anyway....go check out Thea and Sami (see previous blog). Or any of the blogs Im following. They are all much craftyer than me right now.


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