Me and Owls

OK so I seriously have this thing for owls at the moment. Since....Oh maybe about 3 or 4 years now. But recently it seems that the craft world is just pandering to my obsession and so Im going crazy. Remember my last post about the Saffron Craig fabric that Bettsy Kingston was giving away? With the Koala and the OwlSoftie? WELL....

I was in Funky Fabrics Monday (as you do), (No... seriously, if youre in brisbane you SHOULD. Oh and of course they have it all online as well) and they had on display the fabric with the Owl and Koala softie. So of course I just HAD to have it. Yes Im off work at the moment and that means my finances are in dissarray. But I couldnt go past it. I had to have my own.

Of course I have to make him up now. And I forgot to buy stuffing....but thats a minor problem right?

While I was in there I also bought some other fabric by Saffron Craig - Red Gingko flower.  It was actually just a fluke that it was her fabric I chose again. It just worked for what I wanted it for (more on that later - its for a present so I dont want to give the surprise away...not that I think anyone but myself is actually reading this blog right at the moment).  Anyway, this fabric is just gorgeous (see photo) and will go perfectly on the other side of the birds on a wire fabric I bought.

Birds on a wire you say....whats that?  Youll have to come back later to find out...... grin.

And Yes someday soon I will actually make this blog look good. But right now Im not sure if I will stay on this address or not so I dont want to spend the time on THIS blog, if my other blog is going to be what I use all the time....more on THAT too later.


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