9 November 2009

Can I just say before I begin, I hate having to think up a blog title. So sometimes (like today), Im just not going to. So there.

Its real quiet here in Brisbane today. Its overcast and grey like its going to rain any moment. Its cool, and while it appears to be windy when I look out the window (erk I need to mow the lawn), its very still inside the house here. The wind is not making any noise on the windows or anything. All of the neighbours appear to have run away because there isnt any noise from them either. No dogs, no cars, nothing.  I was beginnning to wonder if I had gone deaf but I can hear my laptop humming, and my keys clicking as I type.  Its a sleepy snuggly kinda of day. Even Thomas is asleep on the (as yet unmade) bed ignoring me.
Ive been thinking this morning (as you do), and wondered about blogs. Me and blogs specifically. Like, why am I even writing this particular blog? Im absolutely certain that noone except me is coming here. So why not just write in a diary? Why on earth throw all of this out there to the ether?

And how would someone even find this blog? I would imagine it would have to be pretty random to find it. Its linked from moonshinedesign.com.au of course. But noone ever goes in there because I havent touched it in wow, over a year. So why would anyone go there? And thus, noone would come here.

So that begs the question, if I WANTED someone to read this, how would I open that up? Comment on other blogs. Drive traffic somehow.  But do I actually want anyone to read any of this? Why am I doing it?


Thea said...

Just to let you know that I did find you because you left a comment on somebody's blog and now you can find me too. BTW... I design and screen-print fabrics too, right here in Brisbane! We have an Open House this Saturday.

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