Apple Tablet - what fun that sounds like

OK so Im a bit of a technology geek in a lot of ways and at the moment Im a little bit excited about the Apple Tablet. WTF?  Well, from what I have read it will be like an iphone or ipod touch except larger. And its being designed more with the idea of being able to read things on it. So for example you would have an ebook version of whatever it is that you were reading and youd read it on the screen of this tablet rather than turning the pages. You can see details of it here.
So why am I excited about this?  Because if I had one of these, I can be more like someone like Star Trek.  Ive always wanted one of those 'pads' that they always get around with (particularly in Voyager) reading and stuff. I think it would be fab for reading in bed and on the bus etc. Especially fab for reading blogs which we all do quite a lot. The iphone screen is just not quite big enough - I guess cause its designed to be a phone primarily.  So what do YOU think?


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