Bird on a Wire

OK so, a couple of blogs ago I mentioned some bird on a wire fabric. I have purchased this to make something for a friend. Guess I can say here cause noone else is reading this....(so why am I posting...yeah still mulling that one over). Anyway, its a passport cover/holder I will be making for her.

I have the pattern and I think I have the fabric. She was with me when I purchased the bird on a wire fabric. And I got the previously mentioned Gingko blossom fabric to be the inside detail.

When we bought the fabric it was from a stall at the Finders Keepers Markets. We had a ball at the markets. All the fantastic stalls and there was music and food and coffee out on the lawn. It was held at the Old Brisbane Museum which is an absolutely gorgeous old building.  Anyway, we bought this fabric from a stall holder called Red Seeds . But what I didnt know at the time was it wasnt actually their fabric. The fabric is actually from another designer called Pippijoe. (+ her blog) Not that it matters of course.  It was only that I didnt realise this until we went to the Brisbane Portside markets yesterday and a different stall holder again had the same fabric however it was bundled with the designers name. I thought that the designers only sold their own fabric but having been to a number of markets and blogs now I understand that they kinda sell each others fabrics. Which is fair enough if you ask me. Wider distribution is a good thing. Id never have found that fabric nor the designer if they didnt do that.

So basically all of that was a gratuitous way of giving you links to the people involved. I will show you the holder when Ive made it. I want to do a trial run with some plain cheap fabric first. I still dont know if the sewing machine works....


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