Today feels like a sewing day

I have the house entirely to myself until I have to go get Helen from work. YAY. I should be doing housework (bleh), but I think I might sew instead. I have a few projects that I wanted to tackle and put off while we had so many people around the house over the holiday period. Like a passport holder for a friend (who incidentally is going overseas on Thursday so I really should do that one today I think), a doorstop, soft toys, a wallet for myself, baby stuff for my cousin, yoga feet/slippers, cushions with Thea's gorgeous fabric and a bunch more.

Oh and clothes - but they will have to wait till I get patterns and fabric. Im looking like I will probably be back at work in Feb so was thinking I might 'reinvent' myself in the mean time.  Sounds fabulous. Dont have the money to do too much though, but I thought maybe some new, sewn by me, flattering clothes might help with the back to work nerves (which are considerable I can assure you). How does one work out what suits you and then what to make? I wonder if there is a website or online course or something for this? I cant be the only person who has ever wanted to do this. Surely not everyone is born stylish and funky - I dont think I was but I desperately want to be. Being overweight doesnt help I guess. But surely us bigger girls can look good too?  Any pointers for me?

I think I will leave that research for another day though, else I will end up in front of the PC instead of sewing. And today I want to make something!


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