Friends for dinner and a moment of peace

Helen is still on holidays and of course I am still not working at the moment too. We have been doing lots of stuff (Im learning to knit - more on that another time) but tonight we have some friends over for dinner. Nothing fancy, just some curries and good company.  The photo is of my Budha. My friend brought him back from Tibet for me after searching high and low for one that he felt was perfect from me. It was blessed by a monk in the temple there. Buddha sits on my dining table normally along with a large Ganesha - I dont know if they normally go together but in our house (which is actually non religious specific) we love any statue of beauty and they seem to play together well here!
Tonight Budha is presiding over our meal to ensure all is happy and well with us.  I couldnt help photographing him the other day in the afternoon sun with the blinds making patterns on the dark wood of the table and our Iris coloured wall behind him. Its doing it again right now so I wanted to show you a small piece of my peace. I hope all is well in your world too. Namasté!


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