Mooce Baby is having a giveaway

In my blog reading travels I have gathered a larger number of blogs that I like to read regularly. They are listed down the side of this blog here - mostly so that I just need to come to my blog and see whos updated and go off and read.  There are a huge number of fantastic blogs out there and I just seem to keep collecting them. But believe it or not I do read them all (at the moment anyway, being off work etc).

Well Ive found another blog that is really cool and (even better), they are a local person (local to me here in Brisbane).  Mooce Baby.  Im enjoying reading the blog entries and she makes the most fabulous childrens clothes.  With a background in fashion design, you just know these clothes are gonna be gorgeous!

I thought Id let you know that the Mooce Baby blog is having a giveaway at the moment which is a great reason to head over there, and you will wanna stay and read once you get there! Go check out the Mooce Baby Blog and the Mooce Baby shop/website.


Mooce Baby said...

Hi Leisa, I can't see your email. Could you please email me your postal address?
Thank you

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