Im learning to Knit

I know. Who starts to learn to knit at 37?  Well, as you know Im getting into all things crafty. I love it. Ive been doing jewellery and beading for years but lately Im starting with the sewing again and of course reading reading reading. And that means that knitting has come across my sphere of attention.  Looks easy says I. Mum used to knit when I was a kid. Shed turn out a jumper for me in a single night (true, she was lightening fast).  She used to say it was good when she was stressed cause it kept her hands busy and her mind relatively quiet.  Sounds good to me. I cant even seem to sit still long enough to watch a tv episode at the moment. So I thought Knitting might help.

I didnt reckon with the fact that I am apparently unco! Knitting is just not working for me.  The photo above shows my best work yet. You cant tell but it is supposed to be something called rib knit - is that what knit 1 purl 1 is?  Ive taken it apart about 15 times and started again. I can cast on OK, nothing fancy its just like knitting but you put the stitches back on the needle right? Yep.  I think Ive managed to work out purl. It took me a while to get my head around it. Im wondering if I still dont have it right and thats my issue.  Because knit 1 purl 1 is a nightmare to me. To start with I was purling with the yarn on the wrong side - which meant I was somehow not only tying my knitting up in knots but was gaining 2 stitches for one. Not good. Pull apart. Try again.  Pull apart.  I finally found this website that showed me what I was doing wrong - I needed to pull the yarn through to the front before purling. OK, I think I got into the swing of that. 

But it still doesnt look right. Tension? Purling is wrong still?  I was trying to make this pair of fingerless gloves. I think I will go back to just knitting one row, purling one row and make a scarf  and then when I work that out, move on to gloves....I know. I didnt realise the gloves werent a beginner type thing.  Ive started reading the following sites in detail:   Craft LeftoversKnitting Help, Learn to Knit (UK), Patons How to Knit, Learn to Knit (USA).    Any help is greatly appreciated at this point. So if you know of a site or can help, please...please...comment.

At least its keeping my hands busy and I can sit and watch a movie in one sitting.....and practice makes perfect right?


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