New Designs from Thea and Sami

One of the local fabric designers that I love  - Thea and Sami - has released a sneak peak at her new fabric range Cottage Garden coming out soon. I cant wait to get my hands on some of this (though given my cluster stuffup finances at the moment it may have to wait a month or two.).  Isnt it lovely? I can see bags and cushions and depending upon the shade of purple possibly bench cushions for the dining table. (Photo courtesy of Thea and Sami blog)

You see we have a dining table that is large and wooden and we have benches instead of chairs (we dont entertain formally - we are very informal).  Its in the room with the Iris wall (see my post about my budha for the colour).  The benches can get a little hard if youre sitting for any length of time and while I love the current cushions, I could always do with some more! If the colour doesnt match....well there is always brown and possibly red (yes red actually goes well with the iris. I wouldnt have thought so either until I saw it accidentally one day). Or maybe a footstool for my office....ooh the possiblities. What fun!


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