My sewing adventure

I actually managed to spend most of yesterday afternoon sewing! I had to first clean out the sewing room because we had junked a bunch of stuff in there after the Christmas hoards left. Did I mention we still have my Godson, his Partner and Baby M staying with us. Yes they are now living with us for a while. So suddenly we have a houseful of people, a real little family. Anyway, this is why having the house to myself and actually having sewing time was so special.

So I will show you what I have made in a minute. Any experienced sewers will probably laugh that it took me all afternoon.  Its a Passport Holder. I losely used this tutorial.  When I say losely used, I mean, I basically read it then winged it myself.  Wasnt hard actually. But Im still a nervous sewer so I did my usual - I made it out of paper first. That way once I had the dimensions correct, I just used the paper as a pattern to cut.  It worked well.

So here are the pictures. See if you can work out the thing I did wrong. Oh, Fabric is by the wonderful PippiJoe - isnt it super cute?





Inside filled (the top left is supposed to look like a boarding pass -
dont look too closely its actually some movie tickets... heh)

So did you catch the mistake? Yep I put the button on the wrong side. For us English speaking peeps the hook should be on the right hand side and the button should be on the left. So when its closed, its going to look either Japanese (well I think it IS cute enough LOL), or like Ive made it with the fabric print upside down - until you open it of course. Once you open it you just realise the button is on the wrong side.  All I can think is Ive been spending a lot of my time reading Manga lately so reading the book backwards is almost a habit now.

I made it for a friend of mine who is flying out for a trip tomorrow.  I was supposed to have lunch with her today but Ive come down with a bad cold/virus and dont want to give the virus to her so Ive had to cancel lunch. Insert big Sad Face!  It means she wont have it to travel with.  Im sad about that but thats OK. Shes only going for a week, and I know she plans to travel a lot more so she can take it next time.  I may even make her another one in the meantime - something a little darker cause Ive realised since I made it also that the white colour shows every damn mark - probably not good for travelling. I may even put the button on correctly on the next one...


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