A new Beginning...on life changes and opportunities

This week has been busy, challenging, and yet also fabulous.  I was supposed to start work again on Tuesday after having been on leave (aint long service leave a wonderful thing?!).  I got myself ready, actually totally psyched to be going back. Ready and roaring to go and get back into it.Turns out, they actually just needed me to come in to be told I was being made redundant/retrenched. Oh. Well. There you go.

After the initial shock I have realised what a fabulous opportunity this is.  Im happy about this change. I was ready for a change in role, and potentially a change in company. This way they are helping me to make the decision so that I dont procrastinate over it. Excellent! I will be sad to leave all my friends at work of course, but the really close ones are part of my social circle anyway, so I will still see them regularly.

Ive been kinda sitting here trying to work out what to do. I am still on payroll for another 5 weeks while they see if there actually is an internal role that comes up for me - but I doubt this will happen. While my skills are quite extensive, with so much movement in the company at the moment Im thinking they are downsizing again, and that isnt condusive to other roles 'coming up'. So do I look for another job? Do I spend 5 weeks crafting and not worry about it? Could I potentially go back to school the way I dream - could we afford that? My brain churns on and on.

I think what is stalling me at the moment is this - I basically have the option to do ANYTHING. How many times in your life do you get that opportunity? A brand new start. The sun rising on a new era of my life. Its scary and empowering at the same time! And rather than stress about it, Im trying to just breathe it in and live with the moment of freedom. Most of us truly never get to feel utter freedom for any length of time, so just for now, Im going to enjoy that feeling.

My outlook is positive. I had a feeling this year was going to be a fantastic one, and its already started with a bang. Wonderful. I hope all of you are feeling the same positive vibe because its delicious.


Creative Arty Facts said...

Hey Leisa - this is great news, isn't it? I am great believer of karma; things happen for a reason. One door closes and another will open for you. Enjoy the ride and see what evolves!

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