MIA....Ive been BUSY

Ive been real busy this week. And that has meant, no blogging. Sorry. Its possibly going to become the standard for me for a while. Im going back to work you see. I wont have so much time here at home.  Its a good thing because it means that I am well, physically and mentally. I will of course miss the time away from work...but all holidays must come to an end (it wasnt  exactly a holiday but you know what I mean).

With the focus back to work thing I have realised that most of my work clothes dont fit. No I havent put on weight, in fact Ive lost a little. I was talking to Hell trying to work out why my clothes dont fit then...and aparently I was so depressed and shattered that I just didnt really care about how I looked, so I wore everything a bit tight and just put up with it. Eeeek.

Having pulled my sewing machine back out I can of course rectify this. Im sewing myself some new clothes. Im also exercising more so I can fit back into what I have, but the new clothes are what I will talk about.

First off I made a basic A-line Skirt (Simplicity 9825) - Picture above. OMG, this is a simple pattern and should have taken me a couple of hours moving slow, but it took me 2 DAYS!  I pretty much stuffed up everything that could be stuffed up. I stuffed up the waistband so many times I lost count. The unpick was my friend I tell you. Its a gtood thing that the fabric was a forgiving fabric and doesnt show the multiple sewing. Then I stuffed up the zip. 3 times.  I finally got it all together and it still needs to be hemmed but that is the easy part. It finally actually looks OK.  I will take a photo soon and post it another time.

At least with all the things I did wrong, I now know this pattern inside out. I will be able to whip it up really fast now in another colour or in a different length. Im thinking the applique version next - but doing it reverse applique. Just not sure what fabric.  Either that or getting something nice like a Nicey Jane or a Lila Tueller and cutting out the patterns to applique.  I will work it out.

Anyway, Im back to work Tuesday so think of me and send me strength. I will be very nervous. Im almost beside myself at the moment - winding up in stress. Im sure I will be fine once I get in there and settle back into normality. Its the anticipation that is the worst. Lots of meditation tomorrow and of course sewing....


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