Still cleaning...and crafting....and partying...

Wow, Christmas time is always so frantic isnt it?  Im madly cleaning the house every spare moment I get. Im kinda almost done. But the place looks like an absolute bomb site just at the moment till I put it all back together.  Its all good, at least the house will be spotless once I am done.

Ive also been partying a little which has been nice.  Seeing friends I havent seen for a while, having a few beveridges, nice food. Things of that nature. Very good way to intersperce the dreaded housework. I dont seem to be managing to see the people I need to see - time you know - but its good to throw myself into this christmas mayhem a little.

I did manage to make that little girls handbag and it turned out gorgeous. I will post more details very soon about that because I am very proud. You will most likely laugh because its SUCH a simple pattern, but Im a beginner so for me, I was proud of the achievement. No idea if the child likes it, but in reality that doesnt actually affect my pride in the finished product.

Ok back to the soap suds.  Hope you guys are having MUCH more fun than me!


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