RIP Rowland S Howard

I just found out that Rowland S Howard has died of his liver cancer (via Mixtapezine).  You may not know but I am a Melbournian by er...growth (I grew up there, and in a lot of ways will always be a Melbournian (which is Melbourne Australia for those overseas)), and Rowland Howard was a very influential Melbournian Muso. 

His talent and his outlook on life will be sorely missed. So sad. If you know of Nick Cave (um...punk/indie?), then check out his early music which was enriched by Rowland's gifts via The Birthday Party. Rowland's solo efforts were excellent also.

All I can really say is a heartfelt...Damn. (sorry to my American readers - this word is not even considered a swear word in Australia. Im still not actually sure why it is a swear word in the USA even after having lived in Texas for a time).

I hope whereever you are Rowland that you have no more pain and can make your beautiful music without hinderance. We will miss you, but your music will go on.


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