Im back! And so much is happening....

YAY! I finally have internet access for a while.  Hopefully they have fixed their issues! 

Wow so much is happening for me at the moment.  First of all I would like to say 'thank you Mr Postman'.  This morning I received the patterns I won from Amy Butler. Plus I recieved the pattern I ordred from Lila Tueller - the funked up peasant top.  Fantastic.

I also received my copy of the Toast catalogue.  If you dont know this company go have a look and order your own catalogue. They have such beautiful products - clothes and homewares. They are in the UK so posting stuff to us here in Australia is costly, but we have family in the UK and this is fantastic for Christmas presents and they deliver to them over there.  Plus, and almost more importantly to me, the catalogue is just beautiful. Its a true work of art in itself.  Its printed on matt recycled paper (like all the good mags these days - eg Peppermint, and Frankie) and once Ive finished gazing at the the shopping gorgousness, Im thinking of cutting the photos and framing them - If I can bear to cut it up.  A few pics below...just a couple cause my camera battery died. Let me know if you want more and I will take more.

On a note about the pictures...I read on Pips Meet me at Mikes Blog that you should use a flikr account to host your pics. Well, I loaded some up and stupid blogger wont pull them over. NOT impressed.  Just kinda adds to the excitement of blogging really doesnt it? *sigh* Oh, have worked out I need the address with the .jpg at the end...will keep trying....

OMG and the most amazing news this morning is of course, I have become a Grand-Godmother. My God Son and his partner have just had a baby boy.  I cant wait to meet little M.  And suddenly I have a little one I can make baby stuff for.
 But first...of course there is Christmas.  Suddenly they are all coming to our place for Christmas. Miss H and I had up until this point planned an extremely quiet Christmas. The only thing we were doing was going to a close friend's place for Christmas Day. Now I will have a whole housefull (Godson, Godsons family Goddaughter, their mother, Goddaughters friend...).  We have worked out the bedding but holy crap. I need to springclean the house.  I wasnt even planning to put up decorations or anything. Now I not only have to decorate, but I have to work out food for them all too....suddenly I am SO VERY BUSY. And presents....we werent really gonna worry about them till the sales cause we werent seeing anyone, but now they will all be here....Youch!  I have no tree (it died last year), I have no lights (they also went the way of all things last year).  OK, Im outta here. Ive gotta start cleaning....

BTW the Puppy photo above is from the very talented saikiishiki on Flikr (Anji Tillemans). She photographs her Weimeraner "Mukha" in such beautiful ways (a very long suffering dog), and also paints her here. Go check her out if you have a friend who loves Weimeraners - she has a book also I believe. Would make a perfect Christmas present for someone.


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