Look what I made!

So I thought today I would finally show you the little girls handbag that I made a week or so ago. Its so cute!  I used the tutorial on "The Object Project" blog. Except of course I modified it just a little.

The original tutorial tells you to just use a single piece of fabric, sew up the sides and sew in the handles (more or less).  Well, when I sewed up the sides and the bottom (I wanted the pattern on the fabric to match), I decided that the fabric Id chosen was too thin. I didnt like it. So I decided to line it.

I know this is probably not the way to line a handbag but the easiest way I could see was, I simply flattened the fabric right side down onto some white cotton, sewed up all the edges, pulled it inside out and ironed it all flat again. I left the hole to pull it inside out where the handle was going to be sewn in so that it would be sewn shut eventually.  And it worked beautifully. Photos below.

Right sides together and sew

Turned inside out and pressed. The pressed fold is to insert the handles,
Sides sewn up, ready to sew in the handles

Handles in and handbag finished

Close up of how the handles sit on the inside.

Im quite proud of this little project. I found it really easy to do and quite satisfying.  The hand sewing of the handles was probably the 'hardest' but that was just a simple stitch in and pull the thread to bunch the fabric around the curve of the bracelet. Once you get a half dozen stitches in, it pretty much bunches itself, I just found it easier and neater to pull the thread - it pulls the fabric into the correct bunching.  I almost wish I had a reason to make another one.  If I could find handles big enough, Id be inclined to enlarge the whole thing and make a handbag for myself.  Now THERE is an idea!

I hope you all are having a great holiday time. Wherever and whatever you are doing, I hope you are well and safe and happy.


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