Waters rising and crochet dreams

This morning we woke to find that the river was coming up to meet us.  You can see from the photo on my last post that there is a fair bit of land between the back fence and the edge of the water. What you cant really tell is that there is also about a 4-5 foot drop.  Well, the picture to the left is what we were greeted with this morning. Rain and a rising swell of water.  I think it will take a while for the water to raise up to us, but Im sure other people on the Gold Coast will be flooding at the moment.  We are keeping an eye on it.

In my world of crafting however its the perfect weather for sitting around learning new things. And of course crochet is one of my new things to learn. Ive decided that I really love the idea of a granny square a day as per Pip from "Meet Me at Mikes". She has fantastic beginner videos that are really helping.  I also worked out that I have the total wrong thread for crochet. I should have read the very first lesson post properly. So tomorrow I will go in search of the correct threat/yarn.

A wonderful colour comination I love is something that I saw on the Grand Revival Blog - Purple, Turquoise, Lime and Blue. Yum. I dont want to post any more of her photos here in case she gets upset with me so if you would like to see what she has made of the yarn the post is here. So beautiful. I will show you my own yarns when I get them.

Until then, I hope you are all safe and if you are in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area at the moment, I hope you are enjoying the rain.


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