Pantone Colour of the Year - Turquoise

Aparently Pantone's colour of the year is Turquoise.  Now this excites me in one way - because I love Turquoise. But it annoys me in another. Because Ive been looking for Turquoise things for the last year or so.  

I seem to do this regularly. I must be smack bang in the middle of their 'typical demographic' because for years now I go looking for colours, shade, patterns or icons (like owls, and mushrooms), that arent around and then turn up 'in fashion' either the next year or the year after when Ive moved on to something else. Its so damn frustrating. 

Ask Helen - I used to like doing the Christmas decorations in specific colour themes, but Ive given up because the colours I want dont actually become available until the following year or the year after. True story. And I havent worked out how to make my own tinsel and baubles etc.  Though saying that I think last year I can across a whole lot of make your own articles and blogs on just that subject - but I found them too late for me to have the time to do them. 

Anyway it looks like I should be able to cover myself in my turquoise this year if the predictions are correct. Yay. One day Im going to work out exactly how this Pantone thing works....and I think Im gonna start making my own stuff and using the colours I want when I want them, and let the rest of the world just catch up to me (heh).


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