If you know me a little you will know that I LOVE Owls. I think they are the most beautiful creatures and I have a number of pictures and toys of owls around.  

Well, on Thursday night on the way home we happened to see a live Owl. He startled me by flying in front of the car as we were driving into our estate. There was no way I was going to hit him because I was only going about 10k coming up to a roundabout. He flew from the side of the road, across my nose and up into the Big tree in the middle of the roudabout and then sat there looking at me indignantly. I was entranced. He was SO beautiful. He looked like the one in the photo above so Im guessing from that, that he is a Powerful Owl.

In another Owl related sighting, there is a gorgeous post from Mod Kid about her brush with an Owl, complete with photos of the darling creature. You need to go have a look. A different kind of owl but still just as beautiful. Amazing that we have both had owl sightings on the total oposite sides of the world. I hope to see mine again sometime soon.

I would love to own an owl as a pet but I could never bear to subject one to captivity. Same with an Eagle. I kinda wish we could have owls as companions like in Harry Potter. Ones that had their own minds and freedom to come and go etc. Id love that. And on an upside, maybe my mail wouldnt go astray so often then too.

Hope youre enjoying your Easter Break.


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