Its been a hard days night....

Wow. Youd think that once I was no longer 'employed' Id have plenty of time.  Ive been so damn busy that I feel like Ive been on a treadmill constantly.  And of course, no time to blog or even barely read blogs.

I did manage to go to the Craft Expo last week with my cousin which was fun. Managed to get a fat quarter of my Lila Tueller fabric Ive been waiting and waiting for. Seems like noone is getting it in over here. Dissapointing. And they didnt have more than fat quarters so I couldnt buy a couple of metres like I wanted to. Seems like Im going to have order it in from overseas. Thank goodness for Etsy sellers.  In the mean time Im going to frame the pieces I have and put them on my wall. My 'office' is kinda part of the lunge at the moment so I have to be careful what I do but those should look nice on the wall. If not, they will go into my sewing room.  Yeah, I know, bizarre. An office in a corner and a whole room for a sewing room. I guess 'cause in theory the sewing room gets more messy....anyway.

The other thing that I picked up was a fantastic pattern making system called Lutterloh - The Golden Rule.  Its essentially a tape measure and set of patterns that allow you to create patterns that are totally fitted to your size.  Its the most bizarre looking way of doing things until you see how its done. Then its so very logical and so fantastic that youll just want to sew this way too!  Im going to spend some time sewing from it so I will blog about it going forwards. Im very excited.

Oh and other great news is my cousin is having a baby girl in a couple of weeks.  So I will finally have a little girl to sew for instead of the plethora of boys.  I love all the boys but boys clothing is not as fun is it?  

Little M here at home is growing up fast. Hes only 3.5 months old but hes already cutting teeth, trying to stand up, and man he has the loudest demanding voice of any baby Ive heard in a while. A real little personality. We find the demanding amusing at the moment. Remains to be seen how amused we are when he is 2....I think hes gonna give us hell.  Ah but he is such a little darling. All your worries fall away when you look at him and he smiles at you.  Yep Im totally wrapped around his finger arent I?

The only other thing I seem to be doing is becoming very domesticated. OMG how does anyone have a child, keep up with the housework, cook, clean, AND manage to have any sort of life of their own? I feel like all Im doing is cleaning. Ive barely managed to spend any time on the new business Im trying to set up. And I really need to get onto that!

But for today my cousin Kyrya is coming up to spend the day and we are going to play. Maybe even a little crafting.  I will worry about the business after Easter.

Happy Easter everyone!


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