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Since I seem to be singing the praises of blogs I have found lately, I would like to bring your attention to another spectacular blog. 74 Lime Lane.  This lovely lady is an Australian (she states regional Australia - NSW somewhere from what I can work out).  I love the way she came up with the name for her blog:
Why 74 Lime Lane? ’74 is the year I was born, lime is a favourite colour and lane because of the alliteration and the idea of an “address”. Hence, 74 Lime Lane. My Hubby got me the sign in the first picture (Logo) made for my birthday not long after I started blogging.

74 Lime Lane is a cornucopia of beauty and sensuality for the visual senses.  I visit this blog daily at the moment for a special dose of gorgeousness in what can sometimes be a dreary day. 

Kellie has a fantastic vision when it comes to photography, and if she designed her blog and shops herself then she is also a talented designer (if she didnt, she sure knows how to pick a good design!).

Do yourself a favour and sign up for her newsletter the lime time digest. She sends out a free calender page every month and other morsels of deliciousness. Its a good read. I look forward to this little piece of email every month.

I have actually purchased one of her calenders too because they are just so gorgeous! I have a set of her mini cards and they are just so darling. I originally got them to use as postcards to send away, but Im going to have to buy another set because I need to keep them for myself. She has an etsy store and a made it store and she regularly updates the things she sells - mainly photos, cards, post cards, printables. All things of luscious beauty.

And if youre into free stuff (who isnt right?!), her blog is full of it. Free downloads, Freebie Fridays, Regular giveaways (she has one on at the moment for her Blog Birthday), and she does regular profiles on other blogs and artists and creators and crafters. And they are all just gorgeous too - I love reading profiles like that. Thats why Im posting about people like that. For those few of you who stop by here.

So what are you waiting for? Go look see...


74 Lime Lane said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wonderful words. You are so sweet.

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