Do you Zentangle?

Upon my wanderings around the web I have come across Zentangle. From what they say on their web site its a form of meditative drawing. Created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts they have this to say:

"One day, Maria told Rick what she experienced as she drew background patterns on a manuscript she was creating. She described her feelings of timelessness, freedom and well-being and complete focus on what she was doing with no thought or worry about anything else.  "You're describing meditation," Rick said.
Rick and Maria wondered if they could create a simple system so others might enjoy a similar experience. And so began the journey towards discovering this simple and elegant system called Zentangle."

All I know is that its fun to do, and you cant do it wrong. There is no wrong. You just kinda draw and whatever you do is fine. Its like when you're drawing you can just focus on the lines and your brain doesn't have to worry about anything else. Its quite relaxing.  Ive done a couple myself but Im without a camera at the moment so Ive included one of the ones from the Zentangle web site so you can see what I mean. Flickr has a huge pool of them.

I found this squidoo about Zentangles that explain in simple terms how to zentangle. For someone like me that is enough to work out what Im doing. But if you want to use their specific patterns and ideas and learn how, you can either buy a DIY pack or they also have seminars and stuff. They even accredit their teachers. I find that a little bizarre - that its so very structured when in actual fact its such a simple process. But hey, I guess some people need to be taught an official way. Maybe there is more to it than I know?

Me personally, Im just finding it fun. And I can see some zentangled shrinky dinks coming my way in the future...


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