Im not dead just floating.....

Contrary to the popular belief amongst my friends and family, I am not actually dead dear reader. I am exceedingly busy doing...stuff and things, things and stuff. Very little of it actually worth writing about. Just basic iving type things.

Last week I made myself a new handbag using an Amy Butler pattern. It went well but I have no photos as yet so I will post again about it another time. I will say I enjoyed the process and her pattern was very easy to follow. So if you  are eyeing a pattern off, go for it I say. Im planning to make an iphone cover next by using an Amy Butler laptop/ipod cover pattern.

I  dont get a lot of time to do crafty stuff at the moment. With 2 teengers and a 6 month old in the house there are always too many things to do. (Just cause the teenagers are the parents doesnt seem to stop them being typical teenagers in a lot of ways). Seriously, those ladies out there who have families and businesses AND craft, I totally take my hat off to you! I just dont know how you do it. Im having enough trouble keeping on top of the housework when the baby is not mine!

Enough from me for the moment. I have ghost in my keyboard who is making typing very annoyingg, so Im leaving before I smash somehing. (Its missing some letters, adding othersn randomly and I have to pound the space baar to make it work).



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