Its a long way to the top if you wanna.....

Setting up a new business is time consuming and in some cases frustrating. With some time on my hands here at home I thought I would look into finding some valid products for my currently stalled Beading Business. Since my own interests have again turned to all things sewing and crafting, my natural leaning was to source products of this type. Like Amy Butler patterns. Who is Amy Butler? Oh, you just have to go look if you dont already know her - her fabrics and patterns and everything else she makes are just delectable. Id put a picture of her stuff up here but I dont want to offend or contravene any copyright. So you will just have to wait until I have made something from one of her patterns.

Oh but you can go to her site and download some free patterns she holds on here site:

Surely this picture of her free pattern wont contravene anything?

Anyway, at this point I am trying to work out if the arts and crafts are even something that is feasible to sell at this point. Sourcing the products is problematic. And slightly frustrating.

So let me tell you about my dream instead.

One day I will design and have produced my own range of fabrics. One day I will write my own sewing patterns. My jewellery will be beautiful, and well known. My books - the subjects of which remain misty and multiple, will be sought after and cherished. Each edition of my ezine will be held in high esteem and the next issue will be waited for with held breath. My digital art will amaze, amuse, and please all who see it.

And all of this will come together in a coffee shop come fabric store come artist sanctuary somewhere where office workers will come for amazing coffee and a brief respite from the daily drudge, ladies who lunch will sit elegantly amidst the jewellery and art works, mommies who meet at any time will come and eat, drink and shop for childrens patterns, softie toys both in pattern and made up, and the perfect piece of fabric to complete their quilting scheme, and inspire even more. Crafties, Arties, and Wannabies will mingle in perfect symmetry, amongst my creations, and my friends.

Yes it is a big dream but I think it could be achievable. Lets see if I can talk Helen into it instead of sourcing boring things like um….computer hard drives. Aparently they are much more profitable and the companies are very willing to sell the products to us without making us jump through hoops…


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